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Nascha Inc


Our services are tailored to your needs, expectations and personality.

Just for you

Our purpose is to make a real and lasting difference for everyone we support. Our aim is to enable you to achieve your goals, believing that regardless of the challenges that can be faced, you can accomplish extraordinary things with the right support.

What does success look like?

Everyone has their own view on what success means.  For one person, using public transport and becoming more independent, managing their money or trying a new hobby may be life changing. For another, it may be having a holiday or getting a job.  At Nascha, we support you to explore and achieve goals that are important to you.

What services  we provide?

Nascha supports are tailored to your needs and we can support you to live and learn as you choose, whatever your ability.

We provide a wide variety of services, that can range from shopping and preparing meals, right through to providing host family arrangements, 24/7 shared accommodation, and everything else in-between.

So if you need shared accommodation or simply need a little support within the local community or with daily routines. We can help you fulfil your potential at your own pace and in your own time.

We have a large number of families that we support in a shared management  arrangement.  This means that families are free to concentrate on arranging their day-to-day supports while we take care of all the legal obligations and administration. This works well for many, and may be something you would like to explore.

Working together

We understand family play a vital part in their loved ones lives, and that no two families’ experiences and needs are the same.  We also understand the many emotions people can feel when they are faced with needing support for their family member – particularly if it’s a new experience.

At Nascha we have worked with many families over the years, to find the right support for their family members.

We also know,  it is really important that you find an organisation that you feel comfortable with, and trust. Each organisation does things differently and  sometimes, you might find that you want to work with more than one organisation to provide supports, and that’s okay with us too.

Getting the right staff

We know there is not one size that fits all, and that this saying is very true when it comes to having the right staff work with you.

We are passionate and dedicated in supporting people who access our services, and we will always try our very best to provide you with a service you are happy with.

We understand that sometimes, the best staff are the people you may already know, and who want to work with you as a paid worker. If that is the case, then let us know. After all its all about getting the right fit for you.